Ride to Work

Bank Cycles are partners with all of the major Cycle To Work Scheme bodies.  This includes Cyclescheme, Halfords Cycle2Work, Cycleplus and C2W Support.

The Cycle To Work Scheme is intended to increase the quantity of individuals who make their daily commute to work by bike. Cycling to work will improve an individual’s health, reduce national pollution levels from motor vehicle emissions, trends show that people who cycle to work are often more productive that those who don’t.

In the UK over 1 million employees have participated in the Cycle To Work Scheme so far, this shows that the Cycle To Work Scheme effective in getting people onto their bikes and riding to work. The Cycle To Work Scheme is a government policy tool that is available in all regions of the United Kingdom, and helps to integrate physical exercise into the daily life of working people in an affordable way.

We can offer packages that will comply with any of these schemes, and we can service and maintain your Cycle To Work bicycles!

C2W Support
Halfords Cycle 2 Work

The Green Commute Initiative

Green Commute Initiative
Have you heard about the Green Commute Initiative?

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All You Need to Know (Cycle to Work Scheme)

We accept the following schemes:
  • Cyclescheme
  • Halfords Cycle 2 Work
  • Cycleplus
  • C2W Support
  • The Green Commute Initiative
You need to check with your company's HR department or management.
You can buy a cycle, safety clothing (helmet, waterproof or gloves) in any combination.
The HMRC guidelines state £1000 but the amount may vary depending on your employer.
You can use your bike to go anywhere you like.
You can either hand the cycle back or there is a small end of agreement payment and you will then own the cycle, at that point you can get a new bike through the same scheme with a new agreement.
This depends on your PAYE tax bracket. Normal earners would save around 29% Higher tax payers would typically save up to 39%.
At the end of the agreement you will be the sole owner of the bike.